Hitzman Optimist Disc Golf Course

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Fun Things to Do in Hitzman Optimist Disc Golf Course

Fun things to do in Hitzman Optimist Disc Golf Course

If you’re looking for a new sport to try, disc golf is a fun option. Discs are small, dense, and made for throwing. There are no greens fees, and you can play for free. You can find a disc golf course in Crandall Park in Glens Falls, as well as one planned for Garnet Hill in North River. Check this out

If you’re looking for a great place to take your family and friends, Hitzman Optimist Park offers something for everyone. Despite being a relatively new park, the park already has plenty to offer. There’s a baseball diamond, tennis courts, a children’s playground, and of course, a disc golf course. Whether you want to play golf, play baseball, or enjoy a picnic, this park has something for everyone. Helpful read

Disc golf is similar to traditional golf in that players throw a plastic disc into a basket. Unlike traditional golf, however, you must search for the basket, which is hidden in the trees. If you can’t find it, you can use a UDisc to help you. There are eighteen par 3 holes on the Crandall course, while more difficult courses may feature par four and 5 holes.

If you’re looking for a course in Pensacola, FL, the University of West Florida disc golf course is worth checking out. It’s near a softball/baseball field and has several Innova chain baskets. The course features multiple tee areas, tee pads, and a course map. The pars are fair and the terrain is ideal for all levels of players.