Molino FL Military Population

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Molino FL Military Population

The Military population in Molino, FL is comprised of those individuals whose primary occupation is military service. The military population is primarily employed by the federal government, and there are several branches of the military that are based in Molino. A military population is a diverse group that is comprised of both active duty and reserve members. The average age of a Molino FL Military Population is 36. The median household income is $31,793 and the average family income is $38,889. Those residing in Molino FL are likely to be active-duty members or veterans. Check it out here

The Military population is a significant part of the community, with almost a third being service members. Despite the town’s small military population, Molino’s population is primarily white, with a small percentage of Black or African American residents. The military population is about one percent of the overall population. The median household income in Molino, FL is $68,371.  

The median home price in Molino, FL is $239,841, which is lower than 55.0% of the state’s average. Additionally, the area has an unusually low percentage of childhood poverty, with 8.7% of the children in Molino FL living below the federal poverty line. This is a significantly lower rate than the national average. The military population in Molino is primarily made up of service members and their families. Learn More About Molino FL Here

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