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The city of Pace, Florida, is an upcoming tourist destination. Despite its size, it offers many unique things to do and see. You can even make a side trip from Destin or Panama City Beach while you’re in the area. If you don’t mind driving a few miles, you might even be able to squeeze a day trip into your trip to Pace. Here are some reasons to visit the city. This article

If you are planning a vacation to Pace, Florida, then you’ve come to the right place. While the city is a little more relaxed than some other Florida towns, you can still enjoy the city’s attractions. You can also explore the nature preserves, bike trails, and canoeing spots. This Pace FL tourist attraction is a great place to enjoy nature and wildlife. Located in Santa Rosa County, Pace has an excellent school system. In fact, in 2010 FCAT testing ranked it as the best in the state.

Pace, Florida is the western gateway of Santa Rosa County, Florida. The town was founded in 1821 by William Barnett, and its timberland supported a lumber mill. In 1907, James C. Pace opened the Pace Mill, which produced lumber for 22 years before shifting its focus to pulp production. The town’s growth is reflected in the presence of several parks and recreational areas, as well as a historic downtown. Check this out

There are a lot of great places to visit and see in Molino, FL. We compiled a quick list here.

Points of Interest # 1 RADrock Creations 3666 Bagwell Rd, Pace, FL 32571, United States

Points of Interest # 2 Pace Veterinary Clinic 4541 Chumuckla Hwy, Pace, FL 32571, United States

Points of Interest # 3 Pace Assembly of God Church 3948 US-90, Pace, FL 32571, United States

Points of Interest # 4 Circle K 3900 US-90, Pace, FL 32571, United States

Points of Interest # 5 Family Dollar 4019 US-90, Pace, FL 32571, United States